Get Inspired In Decorations With Paintings In Acrylic

Acrylic Frames Or Methacrylate Are Great For Decorating All Environments Of The House

All decoration, both the accommodation as the business, makes us spend hours thinking about how to give more grace and life to the environment in question. Turns out, there are easy ways and (very) fast to make some modifications. One of them is to bet in acrylic frames or in methacrylate. This material, used by photographers during the exhibitions, is refined, give more shine to the images and, in addition, can be easily sanitized. Acrylic frames or methacrylate combine with different parts of the House. And we split up some examples for you:

Acrylic Paintings In The Dining Room

The colorful brings joy. In this project, the dining room contrasts with the table and Tulip chairs, which are classic and easy to combine. The acrylic frame, swaged with a beautiful and colorful drawing Venezuelan, gladdened the wall and the environment as a whole.

Acrylic Frames In The Kitchen

Yes, in the kitchen! This dining corner gained even more life with acrylic paintings, contrasted with the dishes on the wall. You can play with colors, shapes and images that do not necessarily need to be on the gourmert environment, leaving this space even more different and special.

Acrylic Paintings On Wood Surface

On the walls of this environment, cumaru boards create a noble background to pictures and engravings that composes the wall arrangement. Your case will be to assemble a more classic and refined, this is one of the best options.

Acrylic Frames In The Garage

With a proposal totally unlike anything you can imagine, this renovated decorating project a garage that serves both to park their cars, how to receive friends. For being a fairly broad environment and even a bit forgotten by some locals, the idea was to make the space in a pleasant place, comfortable and very well decorated with the paintings in acrylic.