Geek Wall Stickers

Games ancient, board games, movie characters, superheroes and science fiction. For a geek, all these issues can be applied in the decoration and serve as inspiration to create a nice and cozy atmosphere. Geek Wall Sticker enters the list of essential items for those who want to decorate a room with this trend, increasingly common in young people and hipsters environments.

A geek wall sticker can be used to complement a mobile or decorate a shelf, for example, or can assemble an entire scene in the environment. Have you thought about putting together a room all inspired by the game Pac Man? You can paste the paths and the animals of the game all over the wall and form an amazing composition! If you like Mario Bros can paste multiple types of geek wall sticker representing the pipes and the challenges that the characters face. The decoration can also be completed with golden coins paper hanging from the ceiling.

Remember slot game Tetris ? If you have one made ​​of glass block window, such colored paste stickers square in referring to the game? Just choose the colors, the shape of the game pieces and assemble your composition! That Geek wall sticker is very easy to be applied and the result is amazing! In this case, just be careful not to overdo the stickers on the window and reduce the brightness of the environment.

You, fan of Star Wars , ever thought of decorating an entire wall just with stickers referring to the saga? Alternatively, you can choose an image related to the saga and order a geek wall sticker personalized in the graphic, with the exact measurement of the room where you plan to put it. Good lighting in place helps to highlight the characters and gives more truth to the story. You can opt for small points of light, or even by a lamp positioned near the wall that houses the geek Wall Sticker.

Already exists on the market a range of wall stickers that are conspicuous by their touch experience. Made in high relief, they feature the shapes, strong colors and sizes and are perfect to decorate an inspired environment in geek theme. Try a geek Wall Sticker embossed with the figure of a superhero, a spaceship or objects related to the universe, for example. The result will be stunning!