For Painting Walls and Furniture The Best Options in Hunting Bargains

In summer many have vacation and more free time to paint the House, it is the typical time that many take this opportunity to give a new life to some old furniture or painted ceilings and walls. Today in our section Hunting bargains we have everything you need for those works of painting in the home and also offers of painters for those not wishing to lend hand to roll.

From cans of paint to tools, both the simplest and the most sophisticated, everything can be found on offer and with discounts that reach more than 60% in some cases. We can also use to go riding team and keep in the attic until we have a weekend free to get down to work.

  • We started with a very professional tool, Bosch PFS 3000-2, in the image above, we can get at Amazon by 106,40 EUR at a discount of 21%.
  • We continue with a little paint, a coat of color monolayer 2.5 litres blank bow at Amazon brand, he is available for 19.95 euros with a 25% discount.
  • If you are going to paint the kids room, we have Babyproa, paint suitable for children’s bedrooms. 2.5 liter, white cost at Amazon 19.40 euros with a 41% off.
  • For those who prefer to paint wood or furniture, there are accessories for sanding and polishing, in particular 6-piece Silverline Tools by 10,02 EUR, with 29% off.
  • To protect what they do not want that you spot painting, a ubierta of protection of 33 m by 550 mm of Tesa at Amazon costs 8.42 euros, with a 11% off.
  • Some disposable brushes for touch-ups and corners can not miss. 50 pieces of Silverline Tools by 14,11 EUR, with a 30% discount.
  • Also at Amazon typical pack of 2 of Harris paint roller costs 10,44 EUR, with a 20% discount.
  • If after painting you want a special touch for wall decorative stickers, are super cheap, for example the design of tree in flower and swallows, Walplus Swallow, black and pink color in the photo above, 7.70 euros, with a 62% off.
  • And there are also priced wall stickers from Wandkings, 250 points bright fluorescent and bright in the dark by 15,99 EUR, with a 20% discount.
  • In Bricor can also find good deals depintura plastic white matte 8L for 12.95 euros with a 19% discount.
  • And matte color in the colors of the world of Bruguer collection 4L for 23.95 euros, with a 11% off.
  • Finally, if you do not wish to paint and it is looking to hire a professional, also you can get offers from painter home half price, for example, in Madrid through Groupon or Groupalia in Barcelona.

The only thing that hate me is that the best deals are always for the big cities and we have a little forgotten who live in smaller ones, because it’s the painter half price seems to me an excellent idea so much to buy as gift. The week that comes more deals and discounts on bargain hunting.