Do It Yourself: Scrapbooking Kids Invitation

If you are one of those people who loves to learn new things and exercise their creativity, our step by step today is especially for you! How about innovating and preparing an exclusive scrap invitation to the puppy’s party, or the niece’s, the goddaughter’s-motives and loved ones are not lacking, right?

For those who are not very familiar with the term scrapbooking , there is no need to worry: the technique is simple and consists of assembling from souvenir albums to party items, using different papers and materials for personalization . It is a great option when preparing the invitation and the rest of the stationery party of the pimpolhos, customizing with the theme that the kids prefer.

There are a number of specific materials, from punches to special glue for scrap , but nothing prevents you from using and misusing your imagination and improvising with whatever you have at hand. So, let’s start?

Time To Get Started!

You usually find the scrap sheets in the size 30.4cmx30.4cm. If you want to print directly on the sheet, a small adjustment is required. To do so, simply measure and cut the sheet of the size of plain A4 paper. But as we are talking about ease, simply put the invitation on a separate sheet (it can be in a cut of another scrap paper, or paper of good weight), cut it and paste it later to the base of the invitation, the way that it is here in the template.

For the base, cut a strip approximately 30cm wide by 10.5cm high. Make the creases to fold the invitation and close it. If you want to follow our example, simply delimit the folds, following the proportion of the parts interval: 8.5cm x 11cm x 10cm. To mark this fold, use a ruler. If you have a bowler , it is even easier to mark the paper.

You can compose the invitation cover with combinations and overlays of paper and images, or even by gluing 3D stickers (sold in scrapbooking stores), for a more attractive effect. I chose the income to wrap the outside of the invitation, to give a touch of more delicacy.

Impregnation time: here were used two types of punches to make one of the appliques of the main logo and the bottom edge of the invitation. If you do not have the drillers to make the “scallop” shape, improvise and circle to follow the chosen figure of the highlight. Use the compass to make the circle applique and then steady hand with the scissors!

Tip # foradesérie: within the invitation you can also innovate using a very colorful illustration, or a different border. There are several websites and blogs that offer some good images for scrapbooking, just do a quick search by Google that soon you find several options. As the chosen subject was of owls, the chosen sympathetic bird was found here . For the information of the party inside, was mounted a square of 9cm x 9cm. It even gives to do in Word!

To conclude, a touch of special affection in the tag: is there anything more attentive than you receive a treat of these, handwritten?

A simple invitation and very easy to do. Even those who do not have much intimacy with craftsmanship get a great result. Join the willingness with the provision that in the end, the result will look like this:

Let us give you a small detail: be careful! After entering the world of scrapbooking , you will not want to know anything else other than buying various papers and scrap materials. I said many, many papers.

So, did you like the invitation? Do you have any other suggestion of format or themes in high? Tell us here in the comments!