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Kitchen decor is the solution to revitalizing the environment without works.

You do not need a makeover to give a more modern air to the rooms of your home. A great example is the kitchen decor, which is able to leave the space with a new and cozy face, perfect for family meals and to receive visits.

DIY Wall Stickers Quotes

Small details make the difference and add personality to the place. It is important to remember that the style and colors of the other rooms in the house should be taken into account, so that you have a smooth, nice set.

Choose your style and get to work

The obligation to have everything matching a thing is the past. Today, different chairs at the table, contrasting or complementary colors just right, variety of patterns and textures are pure charm. Just like fashion, the decor is very democratic, enjoy!


Kitchen decor with decorative coating, adhesive or wallpaper

A quick, practical and inexpensive way to change the look of your kitchen is the materials that can be pasted on the wall. Calculate the available area and choose imitation tiles, prints, drawings or various plots.

With wallpaper, you will have excellent masonry coverage. The decorative coating is more suitable for tiles and comes with adhesive.
The adhesive fulfill the role of renewing the face of the major appliances such as the refrigerator or freezer.

Functional decor

And who said that kitchen decor can not be utilitarian? Stands, organizers and exhibitors keep utensils, pots, spices and even double sponge and detergent suspended, freeing up space in the stands and counters. Besides being handy, it brings a modern touch to the look. For DIY wall stickers, DIY means “Do It Yourself”.

Shelves with herbal spider veins not only provide fresh spices, but fill your kitchen with life and joy. Stay tuned for natural lighting needs of each plant and the available lighting.

DIY Wall Stickers Quotes

Choose the right furniture

Even the traditional air lockers, cabinets and island, especially those with niches are beautiful when filled with bottles of wine, small arrangements of flowers or knickknacks.

The cabinets and drawers are revived when the handles are exchanged. It seems little, but it’s the kind of subtle detail that has an impact on the whole. It is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade.

Again, the stickers are very handy: this time, the versions on tissues also turn the front of the drawers and doors. And the best part is that although they are adhesive, they are also repositionable. You can not miss the application.

You will find the best offers to decorate your kitchen. You also have the experience of our assistants who help you choose the best options for your home.
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With tight spaces and integrated spaces of the apartments and houses of contemporary are already designed to receive kitchens american planned, mainly here in Brazil where to receive the friends is synonymous with meetings enjoyable to the table.

Just by observing the advertisements of apartments and residential houses and you will see photos of open kitchens and integrated with the living room and dining room.

The trend of American kitchens

This is the result of a trend that has been growing in recent years, in part because of the spaces scarce and homes smaller and part by a shift in relation to the concept of cooking, which is no longer an activity that is considered degrading and exhaustive, to be an expression of creativity and life style.

This change in perspective has transformed a space that until then was part of the sector of domestic services in a social environment of the residence.

Even the architectural designs spacious, often come with two kitchens: a gourmet kitchen that is integrated with the living room and dining room and the traditional kitchen, which is part of the service areas.

However, this is not a luxury of the houses and small apartments in which there is only the kitchen, then you must have some basic care so as not to disrupt the rest of the environments integrated in the kitchen.

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American kitchen – care

The american kitchen has become an essential atmosphere in the best architecture projects and the big advantage is that now there is no need to most knock down walls to integrate the kitchen with the living room, the new designs already include this permeability of space.

Factor that is very important to ensure the structural integrity, as the projects of kitchens in the us that need to change the layout of masonry walls depend on a feasibility study of structural, especially in apartments where it should also pass by the approval of the condominium.

Another advantage of thinking of the kitchens american since the beginning of the architectural design of the building is the planning of the exhaust, a very important factor to avoid that the living room and dining room to receive the vapor-laden moisture, soot and fat.

By this, an exhaust system efficient is necessary, through the hoods that will carry out the exhaust of the air, which will exchange the air of the interior by the external air, and not only filter the air that is called debugging.

This is a difference between the equipment called exhaust fans, hoods, and debuggers. The exhaust fans make air exchange, but do not filter the fat. The hoods filter the grease and can fulfill the function of exhaustion or debugging, depending on the model, provided that there is space for the exhaust ducts. And finally, the debuggers which only filter the air and return to the environment.

It seems complicated, because, that exhaustion and debugging functions, but also represent the names of the products.

Any way it is not possible to think of an open kitchen without a plan or filtering outgoing air, to avoid that your curtains will smell of food, and oily, not to mention the guests that will be smoked.

Another idea is to make a kitchen mixed, which is open once in a while, but that can be closed when I need it, on those days that beats a mad desire to eat French fries, potato chips, for example.

In this case, sliding doors, doors with hinges (shrimp), or even windows on the balcony can easily change the configuration of the space open or closed, even so the use of copings, exautores or debuggers will still be necessary.

Now let’s talk specifically kitchens american small, below are some valuable tips!

Small American kitchen

If on the one hand the american kitchen tends to increase the feeling of space, since it provides a visual continuity between the rooms and the kitchen, on the other the useful floor area to house the cabinets decreases, making it necessary to plan very well the spaces for the kitchen to be functional, storing food and utensils, without hindering the circulation, even more if we use banquettes in front of the counter in the kitchen.

A good design of the architecture ensures more practicality in the time to cook and adapts to the needs of the family!

DIY Wall Stickers Quotes 3

The visual composition of the american kitchen is an item that must be thought about in a harmonious fashion, after all it is integrated with the living room.

In small kitchens worth use light colors to enhance the feeling of space and light, or use a color with a very dark and few details to camouflage the kitchen and give a sense of depth.

The continuity between the floor of the living room and the kitchen can be a visual asset to give unity and continuity between the environments and the demarcation of the kitchen can come in a detail subtle lining of plaster, or simply not be no kind of marking of areas.

Snmall kitchen decoration

The choice of objects of decoration in kitchens, american already has to be done careful for the space to be open, now in the american kitchen small care of the decoration has to be even greater.

Preference for objects that are not merely decorative, but that are also useful, such as blenders, coffee makers, recipe books, spices, fruit, and other objects, and appliances that bring color and highlight without breaking the look of the kitchen.

Objects of decoration for the kitchen that will be frequently used and washed and that will not only accumulate dust.

Choice points like this cabinet air is yellow in the photo below that of the fund account with a sticker of the wall, realize that this american cuisine has a base of neutral tones and clear, but the color is there in the details.

Small American Kitchens Photos

To give you more ideas and inspirations to plan your kitchen along with your architect I have selected 23 photos of kitchens american small apartments and homes, take a look at this gallery of images.