Disneyland Themed Vinyl

Although the title of this post may seem strange, if you thought take you or your kids to Disneyland Paris in the medium term, you want to read it!

Our generation children dreaming travel to “Eurodisney” (as we called it then) day Yes and day also. Programs like Club Disney showed us attractions, characters and scenes that put us teeth long, lengthy! Some of us get to go and it was a valued gift for first communion.

Vinyl Trip to Disneyland Paris

Today, Park is no longer what it was… is much better! In fact, it is now possible to enjoy two parks (the traditional and the Studios Disney) and an outside area full of restaurants and entertainment venues. And countless accommodation options within the resort itself, with a multitude of varied theme hotels.

Disneyland Themed Vinyl

If you have children, nephews, etc., with which you are going to travel to Disneyland Paris in a few months, we propose an idea with which to surprise them, motivate them and excite them in equal parts. And is that, if even you have not given them the awaited news, you can surprise them by placing our vinyl on the window with Disneyland theme.

Remember: window and the Castle are part of the same vinyl. stands once and very fast! See How to put a vinyl wall in this video.

It complies with four basic purposes:

  • Decoration: this vinyl is incredible in an infant room. We have more, but this is the symbol par excellence. It creates a special atmosphere in the room and gives the amplitude. More can ask for!
  • Surprise: imagine one Friday either. Your girl or boy back from school to find a new window in your room. A window with views of Disneyland Paris! Surprise asks you what is that and now you give you the scoop. You are going to go to Disney at Christmas, Easter, summer… will not fit itself!
  • Motivation: the exciting news, are the days of illusion. Those that won’t ask questions about the trip to Disney, speaking with friends, search for videos on the internet and plan your trip by memorizing each of the attractions and activities of the park inside out. Aim this trip can be a very good incentive that encourages their good behavior, their self-help in studies or any goal that you want to establish with him or her.
  • Remember: time flies and one day, the trip will have passed. They will be the happy memories of it, will always return to mind (to the family) I look out this window so magical.

Vinyl Star Wars

Who writes you traveled to Disneyland Paris in summer and passed it big. Remember that now Disney is possible to see many Star Wars theme, as the fantastic show min Jedi Knights in which you can fight against Darth Vader using force. It is a journey of as complete and like so much children as children. And older, of course! If at home you have to any fan of the Star Wars saga, you can also decorate with some Star Wars vinyl like that I show below.

Vinyl Cars

And if what motivates him is Cars and Lightning McQueen, also have this other ideal vinyl window of Lightning McQueen (Cars) for the case, which also is perfect, because in the show of driving (don’t miss it!) that you can see in the Studios, makes a guest appearance.

Finally, if you choose to our idea, you don’t have to tell us how it has fared, how is vinyl and of course, we would like to see pictures of your trip as soon as you’re back!