Decorate Your Walls in Three Dimensions with Fold

I have spoken many times of Luminescent panels dividing fluowall, a product that thanks to its variety and its ease of use, is having a great success in any type of household.

So much so that even companies are beginning to innovate now not only in motifs, but also in materials and characteristics. What offers us the firm FOLD of which I speak today is an example of this.

Its products are also stickers and very easy to place, but in this case intended to decorate your wall in 3-dimensional they are figures in relief.

In your catalog, you can see different ways, from natural motifs such as butterflies up and geometric as pictures which you can see in the gallery or irregular shapes.

All of them buy is unpainted so that not only offer us the possibility to decorate by placing them in the place you want to but also to give them color. And don’t worry, it is not complicated, you can do it simply with spray paint.

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