Decorate Your Kid’s Room with Cute Wall Stickers

You can send a picture of your baby to create a personal portrait. With wall stickers both you and your child can decorate the baby’s room just as you want it, and thereby get your very own personal look. We address wall stickers consisting of both numbers, letters, animals, flowers and much more. The various wall stickers can be disassembled, so you can get your very own expression. Unleash creativity and getting started with the decoration of the nursery at home.

Tree Wall Stickers

A big beautiful wall sticker with a completely new fun effect. Parts of the wall sticker is in 3D, where the goldsmiths “POPs” out of the picture.

Tree Wall Stickers

Nice and different wall sticker from Djeco with 3D effect and beautiful motif of a kirsbærtræ in flower.


3D Wall Stickers