Children’s Room Decor

Simple tips can transform a child’s room into a place full of solutions for small spaces. Check out:

Children's Room Decor

The door with rail saves space and protects the child from hitting his head in the corner.

Binder on the wall for the theme of the room make decoration.

A small steel cable is great for hanging pictures and drawings of children, allowing exchange them easily.

Drawers near the bed can accommodate everyday belongings of the child.

Mirrors on wardrobe give sensation of amplitude to the environment.

The niche in the wall rack function does for children’s books.

The drawing table has casters for child move it whenever you wish.

The rolls protect the child from a possible fall.

The stools serve as toy chests, leaving more available space in closets.

A recessed underneath the main bed is great to accommodate visitors and friends.

Clothes rack with a playful format combines with a children’s room.

Insert shelves on a wall without use is a solution to the lack of space.

To accompany the growth of the child, put a ruler made of adhesive on the wall.

A rocking chair can substitute breastfeeding Chair.

Wooden floor or that mimics wood warms the environment.