Cheap Decor

Save on décor is more than a necessity, it’s pleasurable. So, our producer Helium Anselmo rode two rooms: one for singles and married, they bring smart solutions to assemble an environment without spending a ton of money.Next, check out the two suggestions:

Cheap Decor

Comfort for the family!

And who said that an environment with children needs to be tightened and messy? Here, the goal was to create a site with good movement, as much for children as they study. The shelf guard toys and books.

Decorative elements

Set of modular racks, MDF, two niches and two drawers, 40 x 80 x 56 cm (each), R $493 (the set) on my mobile of wood.

Lamp Ipanema, 32 cm, R $109 on Dicico.

Oregon striped Blanket (R $46); Oregon striped cushion (R $16); Red pad (R $23) in Riachuelo.

Red coffee table 40 x 60, x 90 cm (R $99); metal train ornament (on shelf), 13 cm

(R $200); Garnish red car (R $135); frames (R $30); picture frame yellow (R $10) on Etna.

Metal Vase (R $50) with artificial flowers (R $30); decorative blue vases with grooves (R R $50 $70 the great and little); rug 200 x 150 cm Linie (R $190); glass bottle (R $70) and purple vase (R $55); Kit three boxes (on shelf) patchwork (R $60); given (R $90); Eames Chair Sked (R $399) in Tok & Stok.

Organizing Box (in the niches) colorful (R $18); boxes on the shelf (R $14 each), four small paintings with black border (R $25 each), two white frames (R $55 each); painting Marilyn (R $200); adornment Arabesque white wall (R $140) in Leroy Merlin.

Yellow Pots (R R $39 $55 the great and little); Ottoman striped (R $149); floral canister with lid on top of the bookcase (R $75) in Laris.

Inks: Landes (Lks 282) and Therapy (Lks 2166), R $40 (the gallon of 3.2 litres) in Lukscolor.

On the Bookshelf, toys are sometimes decorative objects: a great option for decorating a fun way and facilitate the access of children. The coffee table has a dual function in the room: can accommodate items of decoration or serve as a basis for studies and children’s games.

The carpet style treadmill frees space for small fun without danger of tripping.On the Bookshelf, boxes help keep toys and decorating the environment.

Trendy for singles

This proposal shows a great suggestion for utilization of space: the room was divided by

cabinets in both environments, on TV and read and relax. The intention was to create a place of

harmony, with colors in order to quiet and calm. The use of geometric shapes in the carpet and the

decorative purposes leave the more modern location

Blanket cotton lilac (R $130) in Tok & Stok.

Vase Mint with writings (on the shelf in the wall), R $50 on Etna.

Floor: PVC Set, R $90 (the m² placed) in Tarkett Fademac.

Decorative elements

Polypropylene rug, 2 x 2.50 m (R $200); lisa cream cushion (R $23) and rectangular (R $40) in Riachuelo.

High white Studio floor lamp (R $230); pouf white (R $80); Ottoman decorated (R $120); Lucky blue and lilac cushions (R $13 each); Lilac small vase (R $10); chaise longue Lobulo, 81 x 186 x 68 cm (R $1,299); round rug, 150 cm in diameter (R $180) in Tok & Stok.

Picture frames Home large black Environment, R $27, on Fernet.

Decorative vases Home black and white Environment, R $70 (the great) and R $26 (the little) on


Geometric and abstract Paintings (R $200 each); premium MDF shelf, 80 x 25 x 25 cm

(R $66) in Leroy Merlin.

Cans decorated R $26 (each); Chicken ceramic pot, R $40 in Laris.

Inks: Trento (Lks 157) and Cloudy (Lks 2170), R $40 (the 3.2 liter gallon on Lukscolor.

Adhesive CB03 chart, R $89 on Pepper Brazil.

Total: 10 x R $431

Do the math!

The Base of the room: R $1,772

Decorative elements: R $4,318

Electronics: R $2,147

Total: 10 x R $823

Basis of the rooms

Bookcase with six Wide Environment divisions (180 x 91 x 28 cm) pine and MDF, R $513 of My

Wooden mobile.

Two large triple niches, R $140 (each) on Leroy Merlin.

Three seater sofa Strevi synthetic, synthetic leather, 80 x 180 x 76 cm, R $899 on Etna.

Side table Taipú, 0.40 cm diameter, R $80 on Etna.

The corner table, here, also serves to support objects during the moments of reading. The geometric style is present in various objects of decoration: carpet, adhesives, vases… This gives the project unit. On the Bookshelf, boxes and colorful books give a touch of fun to the Cabinet.