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Do you want a mailbox in addition to the usual, which not only increases the chance of a smile for the rest of the family, but also customers and the postman? So the mailbox stickers are obvious options. With these stickers to the mailbox, you can dedicate a humorous and personal touch, so to make sure it stands out, and qualify for a potential interview subject, as it is something people really is. We have also made sure that it is the whole family, who has the opportunity to come up with, so any the legged family member more don’t feel cheated. Most of the mailbox stickers are also something that the kids think is fun that can put a smile on their lips, and at the same time help to make it more fun for them when they need to learn and remember which number in living in. As the name suggests, then it is of these obvious to hang “mailbox stickers” on the”mailbox”, but it should not disc the age you from, to think creatively and outside the box, by putting them elsewhere, as example. Show the main door, refrigerator or similar. In addition, being cheated neither out of the larger families nor with an unreasonable high price because we have imposed on the price to be flexible to you who order many pieces. If it should happen that you hold an idea that you want to get accomplished, and then we are also very open to that special design the mailbox sticker. If this is desired, so we just refer to the “Design yourself” page, which you can also find in the main menu on this page. Whatever you’re into the more common kinds, such as the family mailbox sticker, or the more fun ones, as the zombie mailbox sticker, or have the very own idea, so we ensure that the quality is great, and as always, we will do everything to ensure that you get the best experience possible with a purchase.

Mailbox Wall Stickers

Bienvenid@s to a new sports field guide! In this article, we bring you a selection of inexpensive bike stickers.

When you get bored of the look of your bike and there is no budget to buy another there is no alternative to customize it again. This painting can change you, items such as wheels, saddle or handlebar can be and stickers can be placed.

In this article we have made a selection of the best cheap bike stickers of the moment. Below you will find different packs of stickers with stickers of trademarks, brands of bikes, and even sets of reflective stickers.

But before we get into a more detailed analysis of each of the sets of stickers for bike cheap, we’d like to make a number of recommendations and advice. Therefore, this guide is divided into the following sections:

  1. Comparison and prices for cheap bike stickers
  2. Tips to keep in mind
  3. Our selection of cheap bicycle bumper stickers

So you do not wait any longer. We bring you with this selection of cheap bike stickers that we have prepared for you. We hope that it will be interesting and that will be useful!

Comparative table and prices

Tips to keep in mind

There are few tips to consider before you buy a cheap bike stickers. Simply choose the model that best suits your tastes or more lace with your bike. What if we want to do is move a series of tips to place the stickers on the bike.

First note that the stickers with the rounded corners are which better adhere. The stickers with corners at peak pulled off more easily.

To place a sticker on the frame of the bicycle you must sure be a smooth surface. In this way, the sticker adheres better. To attach it, clean the area where you go it to stick so there are no remains of dirt and dust.

Some stickers come with a small applicator that allows you to make pressure on them when it comes to place and avoid so get wrinkles or bubbles. In the event that did not come that applicator, you can use a credit card, ID card, driving license…

The ideal is that the stickers are PVC or vinyl so that better withstand adverse weather conditions, especially rain, moisture or sweat that can drop you while you go biking.

Our selection, cheap bike stickers

Lot of 2 stickers customized for the frame of the bicycle

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • 2 x custom bike your choice name frame
  • It comes in black as standard, but all the available colors.
  • Length of 22 mm of height, length depends on name (keep proportional)
  • It comes with application tape and mounting instructions
  • Please leave your name and color after purchase by going to “Your orders” after the sale and the link to “Contact the seller” if not we will contact you after sale by email

This pack of stickers you can customize to fit the name of the rider on the bike. It is a batch of two stickers with a height of 22 mm (2.2 cm). The length of the label depends on the name.

The standard color of the letters is black, although the user can choose the color you want. To place your name, you only have to specify it in the comments to the seller at the time of your order.

In addition to the two stickers, the pack includes a tape to place the sticker on the frame of the bicycle and a simple manual explaining how to place it.


Followers of the Orbea brand have in this pack of stickers your ideal batch. It is composed of 17 stickers of different sizes and colors to choose. The colours that this lot is available are: green, dark blue, yellow, blue – yellow, blue – red, white, Orange, black and white.

The sizes of the stickers are the following: 30 x 3,5 cm (two stickers); 15 x 1.8 cm (four stickers); 10 x 1.4 centimetre (two stickers); 8 x 1 centimeters (three stickers); 7 x 4,5 cm (two stickers); 5 x 3.2 cm (two stickers), and 3 x 1.95 (two stickers).

The stickers are made with high quality die-cut vinyl. Its placement on the bike or helmet is very simple. In addition, the pack includes a conveyor so the user place it where you want. Each one of the stickers have a transparent background, so that the die-cut drawing only looks.

Printed bike vinyl sticker. Flag more name personalized

This sticker allows you to customize your bike with your name, surname and flag of your country or your region. Standard measures are nine centimeters wide by 1.5 cm high. The sticker is made with high quality material that resists in perfect condition between three and five years abroad.

At the time of your order, you must specify in the comments to the seller the flag that you want, as well as your name and your surname. The material is die-cut vinyl and has no background. Both the color of the letters and the background can be customized.


Specialized is one of those bicycle lovers fetish marks. With this batch of stickers you can customize your bike box as if it were of the Californian brand.

In total the pack brings 16 stickers in different colors, including white, blue, yellow, Orange, green, black, red – white & red – black.

Some stickers have vertical format, while others are designed horizontally. While some are “Specialized” or “S – Works” letters, others simply contain the logo of the brand.

The dimensions of the different stickers are: 30 x 4 cm (two stickers); 15 x 2 cm (two stickers); 25 x 3.5 cm (two stickers); 15 x 2 cm (two stickers); 3 x 6 centimeters (four stickers), and 2 x 4 cm (four stickers).

All decals are made from high quality die-cut vinyl. The lot includes conveyor to place them where you want. Once put on the picture they provide excellent grip and without tearing or with adverse weather conditions.

Anddas Set of stickers (100 units)

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • You can paste in almost any surface decoration gifts.
  • Fun stickers, has it all.
  • Made of PVC, waterproof.
  • Size: 5-10 cm.
  • * Some images maybe are not included in the paquete.* * the total pequetinas are approx.100 units.

This is a full batch of stickers made up of more than 100 units. The size of each varies between five and ten centimeters. Each one of the stickers is made of PVC waterproof material. Well they can attach to any surface, even to the frame of the bicycle.

The stickers that can be found include: stickers of the Minions, Route 66, Coca Cola, Pringles, Nike shoes, Superman, Youtube, Discovery Channel, the doughnut of the Simpsons, a bus of London, Annonimous, the statue of liberty, wifi, Batman, DC, Captain America, Starbucks Coffee, the Paul Frank monkey or the clown of McDonalds.

Wandtattooshop – Pack of 18 Premium bike stickers 95

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • Tag
  • It can be removed without leaving remains.
  • Premium Vinyl
  • Made in Germany
  • , available prices

This pack of stickers is composed of 18 stickers with heart-shaped. The stickers are made of Premium Vinyl and may stick and Peel easily. One of the advantages is that they do not leave stains after removing them from the frame of the bicycle.

The colours include pink, red and grey. The manufacturer also specifies that you can buy other colors such as yellow, Orange, blue, purple, beige, gold, green and Brown. To do this there write in the comments to seller before placing the order.

Stickers with design of racing flags

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

These stickers are ideal for both bicycles and cars. They have a sporty design with patterns of competition. Some have been text as “Racing edition”, while others simply incorporate the traditional drawing of the flag pictures or claws with aggressively.

In total the set includes nine stickers of different sizes and shapes. All decals are made in black and white.

Pack of 10 units of adhesive for bicycle

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • CUSTOM product: You can customize the name and flag of the sticker. Send to flag and the name to play the
  • Customizable with your name and flag of the community or country you want (if you want to customize the flag sent by default of Spain appearing in images)
  • The surface wherever we go to make the application of adhesive vinyl must be free of dust, grease and dirt of any kind that may affect the adhesive power of vinyl.

This batch of stickers is composed of five white stickers with text in black and five white stickers with black text. Each of them has a size of one centimeter in height, while the length will depend on the name of the user.

Because these stickers can be personalized with the name and the surname of the rider, as well as the flag of the country or the region.

Each one of the stickers have printed stylish design in four-colour (four-colour). The vinyl is transparent and has rounded corners to make it adhere better to the surface of the bike.

At the time of ordering you must send an email to indicating the name you want in the label and the flag that you want to incorporate.

4pcs bike bicycle wheel rims stickers bright light refletoras

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • Tamano:20, 5 cm * 0.8 cm each
  • Color: random
  • Peso:20 g
  • Really have 5 * 8 = 40 strips small stickers
  • But the real need to label according to the size of your bicycle.

These stickers are ideal for all those who do not like to go unnoticed. Reflectors come in different sizes like red, white, blue and yellow. Each of the strips has dimensions of 20.5 centimetres wide by 0.8 cm high.

The stickers are edging out a 26-inch wheel. On the other hand, bicycles with larger wheels must be spaced a little more each one of the stickers to skirt the wheel completely.

Stillcool 200 vinyl stickers

Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

  • 100% brand new
  • solar and water resistant protection! (so cool)
  • Style: 200 different styles styles (randomly), bumper linda
  • Size: 6 – 12cm; Material: PVC
  • How to use skin: clean the surface below, then the sticker, you will need to use your imagination to create jobs.

In this pack you can catch between three options available: a set of 50 stickers, a set of 100 stickers and a set of 200 stickers. Each one of the stickers is made in PVC with a protection system before the Sun and the water.

Each sticker size ranges between six and twelve centimeters. The stickers have different designs: characters from film, music, universal elements… The colors are very realistic and each sticker is remembered well. The stickers that you can find in this pack include Bugs Bunny, the Minions, WWF, Superman or Ironman.


Last update was in: 20 April, 2017 8:35 am GMT

The majority of road and MTB bikes have as components of change, brakes and pedals to Shimano brand. So if you’re a fan of this company and want to take her present in your bike, this sticker Kit is designed for you.

Stickers include the text with the typography of Shimano and also a text with components stop range of the signature: «Dura – Ace». The available colres include stickers of green, blue, yellow, blue – black, white, white – blue, Orange, black & red color.

In total the set brings twelve stickers of different sizes, all with horizontal format. The twelve stickers, six correspond to the text “Shimano” and many others, the text «Dura – Ace». The sizes are as follows: 25 x 2.4 cm (two stickers Shimano and two stickers Dura – Ace); 14 x 2 cm (two stickers Shimano and two stickers Dura – Ace); 10 x 1.5 centimeters (two stickers Shimano and two pegatnas Dura – Ace).

That’s all for today, we hope that you have been useful. If you have any comments, no other os! We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook: will share tips, advice and comparative.