Bathroom Wall Sticker Decor

After  18 radical reforms of bathrooms , the webpage met 8 simple tips for those who also want to change their space, but with the minimal breakage.

Bathroom Wall Sticker Decor

All suggestions are accompanied by products that simplify your project implementation with special tips.

The gallery is full of images of before and after, with varying degrees of changes in the work. Read on and be inspired:

1. Painting

A good coat of paint can hide a doubtful color scheme of bathroom. For a timeless style, opt for more neutral colors, always trendy.

Paint can be extended to tiles and other coatings, if done carefully. Ideally, the cover is made ​​of epoxy paint and water-based solvent, which resists moisture from environments. Each gallon of 3.6 L costs about  R $ 180.00.

It may not seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, but has a good cost benefit when compared with a new kit coatings or with all the stress of a complete renovation.

2. Mirrors

Essential in any bathroom and almost a law of interior design, the presence of mirrors is always regarded as a positive factor in the environment. This is because the reflective surface attracts the eyes, radiates light and seems to expand the space, which is especially useful in small bathrooms.

Remember that the mirrors need not be restricted to the counter top dimensions in the bathroom. The bigger the better, especially if two people use the bathroom at the same time. With a good frame, the mirror can renew their environment without many efforts.

3. Change to metals

A simple measure that makes all the difference. Antiquated designs are easily perceived by taps, mixers and records of a project. The change to metals can modernize a bathroom and also make it more sustainable. For example, aerated faucets can save up to 12% water, and the change is easier than it sounds.

With the help of a pipe wrench, it is easy to unscrew the old faucet, clean the surface and install a new one with sealing tape. A simple fix in most DIY style, do it yourself, the popular terms “do it yourself” that can greatly change the look of your project.

Only one caution should be highlighted: check if the tap of the gauge (width) fits with the water outlet. The most common measures are ¾ “or ½”. Look through some models of modern and sustainable taps and choose the suitable one.

4. Cupboards, niches and design solutions

Practicality without boredom. Good storage choices not only make the environment organized or even more beautiful. Cabinets, niches and shelves accommodate toiletries, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

The ideal is to be made of materials that resist moisture and are positioned in easily accessible locations, which do not gather much dirt.

That way, you change the whole environment only with the help of a drill.  Learn about some options.

5. Stickers

One of the most versatile solutions in this guide, the application of stickers is simple and can change the style of a bathroom or toilet very easily.

Just clean the surface – tiles, cabinets, walls, etc. – And paste. It is also the ideal solution to renew rented environments.  Discover some models and see how to apply.

6. Lighting

Both natural and artificial lighting are important factors in a bathroom. At the same time, they are very easy to renew. The sunlight can be better utilized through a more intelligent choice of curtains and inserting mirrors. Artificial may be even easier. When replacing a bulb, you can change the environment completely.

In the case of bathrooms and toilets, white light is the best option. It brings a great feeling of cleanliness for these spaces and can make them more functional. A light directed on the mirror help at the time of makeup or shaving, for example. The options of LED lights consume little power and are installed in any electrical network.

7. Decoration

You can renew your bathroom only with decorating tricks. At this point, it is important to invest in quality and items that combine beauty and functionality, without loading the environment.

Carpets, pictures and flavors give personality to the space and comes ready to use. In the choice of patterns and palettes, horizontal patterns also provide a range of printing in the environment, as well as mirrors.

Wallpapers also can be used. But be careful not to take off the surface with the action of moisture.

8. Plants

Add a touch of life to your bathroom. Plants give vitality to the environment and they can purify the air and enjoy the humidity. When in doubt, opt for a succulent plant with low maintenance.

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