Apartment Wall Stickers

The rented apartments are great housing options for those who do not want to have too much responsibility for the space and for those who do not like to take root in fixed places, creating the possibility of moving to new corners of the world.

Apartment Wall Stickers

But not all roses, these non-fixed roots bring disadvantages to tenants, mainly to addicts in design and decor.

There are impossible reforms and changes in many apartments’ original aspect, which can limit various forms of decoration that express the identity of the resident. Change floors and other finishes, paint, break or add walls  as well as other small reforms. These can not happen in rented spaces.

But of course there are other valid ways to leave your apartment with personality without future problems. Check below the 10 rules of decoration in rented apartments.

1. No colors on the walls: colors in furniture

Rented apartments always miss color. They are built in the most neutral way as much as possible in their finishes.

To address the lack of color and liveliness in the apartment, the only solution (if possible) would is not only to paint the walls. The furniture and decorative objects plays this role very well . Here it is important to be creative and think of a color palette to match each other with the ambiance. Yellow chairs, cabinets blue, white beds, and so on.

There are two options: buy furniture which is already colored or purchase antique furniture in wood colors and repaint them.

2. White walls that you want?

Since painting the walls can not be an option, there are other beautiful and practical solutions offered by the world of architecture and design.

The use of wallpaper is a smart choice for these apartments because they are easy to place, removable and have a huge variety of colors, styles and textures.

Stickers for walls is another method used to disguise the simplicity of the apartment. From small to large size, they can hide what you do not want to see and are fully customizable.

3. Repaginando tiles

Places tiles in some places, such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms but often the chosen finish is dull.

Bring vitality to these environments by turning the tiles into things full of creativity and innovation.

Since the reform is not possible, there are tile stickers that are glued on top of these. In addition to the various available options of colors and styles, the material is easily applied and removed. Search some models.

4. Take care of your windows

Another trick to disguise your walls is to draw attention to another point. And this point can be your windows.

It is an important and good creative investment so that the windows are charming and show the home’s personality, mainly through curtains and blinds.

5. The floors also have salvation

Some rented apartments suffer from not very attractive floors or bad finishes.

One solution is to replace them by entering vinyl flooring which can be applied over existing floors, without smashing.

The material has a wide range of colors and styles to imitate other products, such as wood, marble and stone. It should only be avoided in areas that are often wet.

6. Plants: beauty and life

Place plants from larger species on the table. You can revitalize your rented apartment, besides being a way to hide unwanted details in the environment.

7. Change the removable objects with no pleasure

There are things that can not be modified in apartments, such as walls and floors, but others are forgotten that can be customized without problem in the future.

Lamps, fixtures and metals in general are objects that can be removed, replaced and installed again to deliver them to the apartment. Just organize them and do not to lose or forget such objects.

8. Storage creative solutions are essential

The small size of the apartment has the inability to add more things. Sometimes you run out of space to store everything you need.

Seek alternatives and simple forms of storage that work: crates, boxes, boxes, pallets, shelves and others. Check out a guide on decorating with some of these and more materials.

9. Invest in decorations that you can take to another place

Despite the effort (time and money), even if your apartment allows minor renovations such as painting walls, removing or replacing tiles or other renovations, they also will be worthy.

If you know you will have not much time to live in the same space, do not invest in decorations that can not be moved to your next apartment or house. The best option is to make your rented apartment personalized with you in terms of decoration which may also be with you in the future.

So bet on furniture, curtains, paintings, posters, shelves and other solutions that are temporary and work in any other corner of your apartment.

10. Customize worth the time, money and value!

Even though sometimes you will no longer be in the same place,  you still can hold a small decorative reform in your apartment.

An environment that show the personality can do very well in your daily life, as it brings identity and comfort at the same time.

Inspired and be creative, go through all obstacles and bring vitality to your rented apartment.

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