Brazilian folklore is made up of a set of stories, legends, tales, and myths that are already part of our culture and is even a matter of studies in Brazilian schools.


And within the Brazilian folklore, we have many characters, so let’s start from now to tell you a little bit about these characters of Brazilian folklore so that in schools students can understand in a simple and informative way what each one can represent.

The interesting thing about this is that the Brazilian Folklore was created in the small towns far away from the big centers, and the older people told the younger ones, everything is just legends and tales, and everything was meant to scare the kids and of course also look inform and pass on good messages to anyone who is learning about folklore.

Remembering that The Day of Folklore is celebrated on August 22 of each year, and we also already have a special date for The Saci Pererê that has a day that is October 31.

Below you have some representative pictures of some very curious characters, click on the pictures and print them to later do school tasks and jobs.

Characters of Brazilian Folklore


Picture 1-This is the snake Boitatá, a curious figure that often is represented in some images being without head, and burning, in other images she has the head and is with all the body in flames, but after what it represents? This is what we will see below in image 2.

Picture 2-As we said it is a whole snake in flames that is a protector of the fauna, of the forests, forests, it also protects the animals protects the rivers, the birds of those people who wish to destroy all the life inside the forests of north to the south. (Pity it ‘s pure fable, well it could be true).

Some stories and historians say that Boitatá is the creation of the Indians, and for more than five centuries, there were rumors about this snake, some Jesuits who came here heard some tales.

2. Rose-colored buttonhole

Picture 3-The pink Boto is also a personage of the Brazilian folklore, as we see in the image its characteristics are to have the skin in the pink color, is a fish found in the waters of the Black river, a tributary of the Amazon river, is a fish that it looks a lot like the dolphin.

Picture 4-This one is quite funny. The tales say that Boto comes out of the river and goes to the balls, characterized as an attractive man, is the kind of heartthrob, in the balls he seduces beautiful ladies, and takes them to the river bank to date, and always ends up impregnating the woman, before the night ends he enters the river and becomes the popular pink Boto.

3. Curupira

Picture 5-The curupira character is this figurine below, what draws attention is his red hair as of flames, it has ears with a feline animal, teeth with fangs, it a tarzan tan of well entrained with foliages to cover the intimate parts, but the funniest of this character is that he has vidaros feet behind.

Picture 6-Another characteristic of Curupira that was not commented above is that he is short, a dwarf, as well as the character 1 he is another protector of the forests, who wants to harm the animals of the flowers, wants to hunt them, mistreats them , who wants to destroy the trees there is the Curupira to defend the nature.

 4. Werewolf

Image-7-This the the look of the werewolf, hairy, scary, with wolf eyes, claws on the front and hind legs, a large tail, walks upright, and always with the torn clothes anyway after processing it grows enough size , getting this look of fear.

Picture 8-Legend has it that once a man was in the woods at night, and it was a full moon day, what happens is that a wolf from the forest attacked him but this man managed to flee all full of wounds, but the wolf infected this man, who on every night of the full moon after midnight turns into a werewolf, half man, half wolf, he attacks and kills that is in the front, probably this is the character of the Brazilian folklore that scares the children the most.

5. Mother D-water

Picture 9-Iara is also her name, from the waist down is a fish, with a great fin, but from the waist up, has a woman’s body, a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, long hair slightly wavy, breasts fed up, finally is a woman that any man falls in love with.

Image 10-She is not the mermaid of the other tales heard in other parts of the world, however, and her appearance is the same, she comes out of the water and enchants many men, and then pulls her pair into the river water never more return.

6. Dry Body

Image 11-Well as we can see it is a done man, who died a few days and his skin began to dry and be destroyed by fungi and bacteria, but his body has not yet fully decomposed, the bones became more evident but still are not exposed.

Picture 12-Dry body when still a living man, was a bad person, without love in the heart that even very bad anger with people and children, was also very bad with his mother, only when he came to dying, began to wander around like a soul scourged frightening people who are also of bad character and more.

7. Stepping

Picture 13-This is the popular Prancer, her appearance is scary, with long curly and messy hair, and big sharp nails, she scares, already thought to wake up in the middle of the night and see her inside her room.

Picture 14-Well, the Pram enters your house by the roof, it comes to step on you especially on your stomach, if it is full clear, so no dinner a heap, because if it occurs there comes her to step on you during the dawn.

8. Headless Mule

Picture 15-As its name already says, without a head is a mule that would be totally normal were it not for the fact that it has no head, instead of the absence of head, flames of fire leave.

Image 16-Actually a woman turns into a mule without a head on Thursdays night, she received this curse for having had a romance with a priest.

9. Mother of Gold

Image 17-Some say it looks like a gold ball, if you see it know that in the region where it is must have gold.

Picture 18-Some legends say that she is a protector of women who pick up from their husbands or suffer psychological violence from their husband. Other legends tell that she turns into a beautiful woman and seduces men committed to make them separate and destroy families.

10. Saci Pererê

Image 19-It is very probable that Saci Pererê is the most popular folklore character, he is a black boy, he jumps from one leg only because he has no other leg, he has a strange hat just like a witch, in red color, and still Above, he smokes a pipe.
Image 20 – Actually this kid is a real mischief, his business is to make fun, he loves, to make a mess, in the siege, in the city, turns the trash cans, makes the biggest mess.

11. Pelota

Picture 21-That is the horrible appearance of hair, all hairy body, sharp nails, and anteater head.

Image 22-Legend tells that he lives in the woods and feeds on meat, is very dangerous, hunters must be careful with him, his main meals are meats of domesticated animals like cats and also the dogs.

12. Comadre Fulozinha

Picture 23-Our characters end up with comadre fulozinha, she beautiful brunette who lives in the forests of northeastern Brazil.

Image 24-Legend has it that it has the mission to protect the forests and especially the falna a and flora, if someone tries to do the bad against the environment it comes into action to defend this habitat.

We ended up here and hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about Brazil’s folklore and its characters.