30 VISUAL ARTS ACTIVITIES For The Artistic Side Of Students

We know that in the initial grades it is very important to stimulate the artistic side of the student with visual arts activities so that he can have more resourcefulness and develop a talent so that in the future he can be an excellent professional, able to solve any and every situation always thinking about best and most effective way to solve something.

With colors, with scissors, with paint or any other material a child may be able to put his or her head to think, and even if the artistic design does not look good aesthetically speaking, which will happen most of the time, the determining factor is that the teacher will be making the boy think.

And the interesting thing is that with this type of activity, boredom and monotony is left out, so thinking about helping to develop the student we prepare several activities of visual arts that will make the student have fun while exercising his memory.

Picture 1-In the aquarium below the student must draw 5 small fish with each one turn next to that one in the example to the left, soon to use the creativity with the colors, coloring each detail of the goldfish and also of the aquarium.

Picture 2-Very careful and attention should be taken to the accomplishment of the activity of arts below, because they must be painted only the small spaces in which it contains dots, the student must also describe what is being visualized after the painting finishes.

Picture 3-Now is the time to use once again the perception and eliminate only the squares that are with the letter X and Z so we meet a famous Brazilian painter, Candido Portinari, then it is time to paint the drawing, but it would be enough It is worthwhile to recommend that the child draw the lines of the drawing with a colored pencil or pen, making the line black with its color.

Picture 4-Have the student put a sheet underneath the drawing that we see below and that goes around skirting harder for the paper underneath is crumpled and then the student should again go around the new paper again and paint the drawing according to the colors that best they please you.

Picture 5-Now the student must first paint the drawing, as if there were no lines in this artistic drawing, after painting then he must cut following the lines that go from horizontal and vertical, to then paste on a cardboard mounting the puzzle, head.

Who is afraid of Bad Wolf Bad Wolf, children love to hear the story of the bad wolf.

Picture 6-Let the motor coordination be sharp, and consequently make the child’s handwriting stand firm, without tremors, and for that the desire is to follow the numbering to form a drawing of a Christmas tree in this art, let’s get around the duckling too , this activity helps the student to improve the quality of writing.

Picture 7-We will paint all the parts of the little boy and cut, we can combine the most different forms of expression of the boy, this activity requires that the student paint, cut and use his imagination to create the expressions.

Picture 8-Now we have a little balloon with 4 balloons, pass colored glue on the strokes and then glue dots of crepe paper in the circles, this activity requires a lot of care with the glue so the student must be very careful so that the visual art looks very beautiful.

Picture 9-For small children this activity is well indicated, we will give life to the water where the boat is sailing, coloring it and we will still adorn the boat painting the windows, the chimneys so that this boat can sail calmly.

Image 10-Who does not love ice cream, right? Let drip glue on the ice cream ball and place small, colorful little balls of paper and then diver to the prof of your favorite ice cream.

Picture 11-What do you get to fill in the lines below? After finding the drawing now is the time to color it and highlight it from the rest of the most varied forms of lines.

Picture 12-In this drawing it is easier to observe what we have, they are 2 birds, now that we know what it is we will color these artistic drawings that are very cool.

Picture 13-Vases are decorative objects for the home and the most varied environments, so it is time to place each square of this and make the design very beautiful.

Picture 14-The visual arts really enchant anyone, let’s identify every detail of the picture below that is the bathroom and then color and make it cool.

Picture 15-Painting and joining the pieces after trimming. You should paint the right and left side with the same colors, cut and then join the pieces pasting in the notebook, but careful to set the correct colors on both sides.

Image 16-Seven words that should be part of the daily life of special people, forgiveness, respect, peace, gratitude, charity, unity and sincerity, highlight these coloring words and practice them in your life, after all you are special.

Picture 17-Let’s paint and cut and later join the parts and paste in the notebook in the correct way.

Image 18-Now the activity of visual art is with a puzzle, you will color the drawing, paste it on cardboard or other hard paper like cardboard and cut in the dashed lines. And protinho, now you will have your quadra puzzle game made by yourself.

Picture 19-The puzzle of the environment has 6 pieces, the student must paint everything normally, paste in cardboard or a shoe box and cut in the lines.

Image 20-Let’s create a pinocchio. For this we will paint it, cut the parts with enough attention and then we will paste it in the arts book, to receive the note of prof.

This activity for the day of the tree consists of a drawing of a tree that is separated into parts like stem, trunk, leaves, flowers and fruits, we will paint each part, cut and paste in the notebook in an organized way.

Now we have a lizard that looks just like an alligator, paint, cut and paste the parts to form the animal.

Shape the duckling using creativity and doing what is lacking in it, dare it and create it so that the duckling is very funny.

Did you know that Boto is one of the characters in Brazilian folklore? No? so come on, he lives in the amazon in the waters of the black river, so let’s paint him who is a relative of the dolphin.

Use the creativity to paint the clouds the bird and the flowers, because we are already in the spring.

In this activity design with visual art times the 3 magi giving the news to the shepherds that the boy Jesus was born, so let’s stick your hand in the dough and paint the drawing.

Complete with your name, class, teacher’s name and paint the dinosaur to make it look colorful.

I hope I have collaborated with you by making available several drawings, each one short and have fun with your students.