16 Tips For Decorating Small Environments

The small apartments increasingly gain consumer preference, but as decorating can be a challenge

They are charming, are increasingly valued and have already fallen in popular taste. The small apartments–and among them the studios–if you have sophisticated and gained status of cool, the English word for things taken off.

And no wonder, since demand is huge, especially among single, young executives, young couples with no children, separated or widowed, to season, as an investment and even as a second home, facilitating the life of those who prefer to live close to work during the week. But is it easy to decorate this type of property?

The truth is that the decor over time also has adapted to small spaces and today offers much comfort attached to practicality and beauty. Want to stay on top of all the possibilities? See our decorating tips and get ready for even more perfect decoration.

  1. Small House Decor: Basic Principles

Before you begin, the best decorating tip is to imagine that as more objects are loose in the House, less space is left. There are people who think that just because the apartment is small there is no place to store everything, but there is as not having things in excess.

So the tip is desentralhar, donate or throw away everything you don’t use, that is duplicated or is not used for a long time, whether clothes, objects or appliances. It is in these times when less is more: live with the essentials to be happy, leaving the lighter life.

  1. Use And Abuse Of Light Colors

Light colors give sensation of amplitude, make the environment look bigger. That doesn’t mean you have to be all white or beige: If you like warm tones you can use them on a wall or ceiling.

One idea is to compose bright colors or pastels with objects and colorful accessories, such as pillows, rugs, lamps and tables, giving points of color all over the apartment.

  1. Healthy Natural Lighting And Indirect Artificial Lighting

Natural lighting also helps to extend the environments and make them lighter and healthier. The decorating tip, then, is to explore well the daylight that enters for each window. Use blinds or curtains quite light with blackout – up on the privacy. Avoid shelves or any object that prevents natural lighting.

In artificial lighting, give preference to the hint. The white light makes the larger environments, but also leaves them cold. With light yellow spots scattered you highlights corners and objects, creating a play of light and shadows. The effect almost scenic multiplies the space.

  1. Create Visual Games With Mirrors In Home Decor

What looks like a hint of silly decoration can do real miracles for the environment. Mirrors create Visual games very interesting and can practically double the depth of the site.

Use them in whole walls, doors or cabinets on the furniture-as in lawnmowers and coffee tables or corner. If you want to check out more lightness and softness, make a composition with small mirrors.
5. The Choice Of Sofa For Living Room Decor

In the decoration of the living room sofa choice right is critical. Avoid very large sofas, which occupy a lot of space and visual. Give preference to units of no more than 3 places.

Do the complementation of places with small parts, such as Ottomans, which can easily be moved from place. So they offer comfort and don’t hinder circulation. A pouf upholstered can also replace the coffee table, making it an option.

  1. Pay Attention To Measures For The Choice Of The Furniture

This is another important item on House decoration, pay attention to measures. To avoid banging your knee or foot, ideally there should be a minimum space of 60 cm for safe movement. That goes for every room, but most of the sitting room, where the movement is usually greater.

  1. Furniture Lines Also Influence In Decorating

The perception of spaces is also influenced by the lines of the furniture. The vertical pass the feeling of grandeur, elegance and stability. Already the horizontal pass the sense of security, peace and quiet.

Here, the trick is to use both intelligently, according to the room. In the decoration of the room, the ideal are the vertical lines. Already in the room decor, the horizontals are a touch more personal and cozy.

  1. Bet On Smart Joinery—Far Beyond The Sofa Bed

The concept of intelligent mobile gets increasingly the market of decoration of small apartments. If there is the opportunity to do them, you can enjoy even more the spaces.

The idea here is to use creativity and come up with strategic parts. Inline tables on the kitchen counter with shelf below the top, coffee tables that if transformed into desk, armchairs and sofas to keep books and bookshelves rotating divisions that serve the two environments are just some of the great ideas for decoration.

  1. Use More Walls

All I can get out of the way and hang on the walls, but no chaos. TVs, shelves, niches for books, toys and even toilet paper, racks, door-plates and cutlery. Use and abuse of shelves.

Using the walls in a smart way, the environment is cleaner, more well spent and still with a decorative character quite interesting.

  1. Make A Smart Decor

The smart decoration is one that uses elements to give sensation of amplitude to the environment. A good example of this are the paintings or decorative: a large continuous image gives the impression of a larger room. The effect is especially good in the decoration of the room.

  1. Enjoy More The Doors Of The Rooms

Especially of bedrooms and bathrooms, doors can be very well used. In addition to the traditional edible crabs, use creativity by putting hooks to hang scarves and jewelry, for example. The effect is cool and the personalized decoration.

  1. Simplified Organization Is Also Part Of The Decor

Simplicity is essential in small environments. Being more practical, simplified organization also collaborates for the House decoration, helping the site to look more neat and tidy. Bet on details, such as drawers with tabs, hooks and chests.

  1. Use Metal Objects

In the small apartment decorating, metal objects have the same effect. They create points of light and brighten the place, even if they are small objects, like a lamp, SOAP dishes or decorative boxes made of stainless steel or copper.

  1. Enjoy All The Corners In The Decoration Of The Apartment

Often simply forgotten corners, but they can be very useful – and still create small quite charming environments. Depending on the available space, use Bookshelf, a chair with differentiated design, interior plant with light directed or just an object, like a painting or work of art.

  1. Invest In Wheels

The wheels are an excellent resource for small apartments, giving more dynamism to your function. The arrangement of furniture can be more easily modified according to the occasion, as when receiving friends. The environment is more flexible and easier to change if you get sick.

  1. Plants: A Natural Resource, Nice And Cheap

Bring nature into the home is always a healthy attitude and decorative. Plants give more freshness and the environmental movement, leaving the lighter.

If there is space on the floor, consider the possibility to create a hanging garden in one of the walls. However, remember to search the species most suited to your lifestyle and the brightness of the scene.

And you, how to decorate your small home environments? What are your suggestions to make the rooms more comfortable, practical and beautiful?Share with us your experience here in the comments!